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Tuk Tuk

An app that helps users to get a delightful journey on Rickshaws

Time frame

3 weeks I  August 2019

My role

UX researcher, UX designer, UI designer, Interaction designer

Project brief

Design a mobile app that delivers a seamless experience. Design thinking is the approach taken for the tuk-tuk app. This app would help any individual who uses rickshaws for their journey. With this app, users can save time and money. Wouldn’t it be better for a user can book their rickshaw from anywhere?


Wanted to design a new rickshaw hailing app that provides a good experience and less complexity to users in Kerala.


Conducted semi-structured interviews to find out the pain points of users. By interview, I could empathize with users. I always believe, framing the right questions and intent behind the question should be important before start the Interview


Here are the pain points got from the interview:

  • Varying rates        

  • Security problem for women

  • Non-availability of rickshaws in apps like Uber, Ola, etc (in 2019)         

  • No sharing rickshaw feature in Uber, Ola, etc (in 2019)         

  • People facing difficulties in reading the language of the app (most people are not comfortable with English)          

  • Non-availability of rickshaws in hubs          

  • No method to choose rickshaw drivers through review​


The survey was conducted to quantify the data obtained from interviews. Create survey questions using survey monkey and shared it through social media.


From user study, the persona has been made for two categories such as a person using apps like Uber, Ola, etc usually and a person without using Uber, Ola, etc and categorized them according to their activities, frustrations, and needs

Persona Dark.png
Persona Dark 1.png
Customer journey map

I created a journey map for the user not using ridesharing apps and I was able to get the actions, thoughts, and emotions of that user.

Customer journey map 1 (1).png
Task flow

From the ideation session, chose a solution that will give a better experience to users. Then I created a task flow to how users will achieve their activity.

High fidelity prototype

Language selection


Pickup point (GPS selection) can be changed by the user Ride now and Ride later


Payment option

Driver details

Shows time left to arrive


Destination typing screen


Types of rickshaws available Sharing rickshaw, Mini rickshaw etc


User can cancel the ride User can call the driver Shows time to arrive


Users can type destination or choose from history


Drivers list user will get review based drivers


User can share driver and ride details with others Emergency call (security for ladies)


User can rate driver after ride

Interactive prototype
98931b84278037.5d5785aec7b3e (1).gif
What next?

Should conduct a UX expert review.

Should interview older people to know about their pain points.

Thank You :)
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